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  • You are annoyed about the paint on your car which tends to pale, has scratches and dirt which makes your car seems old and aged. You have to drive constantly to car wash or look for products to have that shine back again. Color N Drive ceramic paint protection kit is a do it yourself nano bionic kit that provides simple and practical application steps, you do not need any expertize nor professional help to gain a clean and shiny car.

    What is ceramic coating?

    Ceramic coating in general is a nano protective layer on your car to prevent from bird drops, scratches, stone chips, iron powder, UV, dust and dirt.

    What is Color N Drive Ceramic Coating?

    The Chemistry & Chemical Structure

    Monomeric silicon chemicals are known as silanes. A silane that contains at least one carbon- silicon bond(Si-c) structure is known as organosilane.

    Owing the unique capability of organasilane molecules to form covalent bonding between inorganic and organic compounds along with the inherent stability and flexibility of siloxane (Si – O – Si ) bond, those molecules provide multiple benefits and features in coating.

    What makes our ceramic coating technology different that others?

    Our new generation Nano-Bionic ceramic technology mimics nature’s Lotus Effect, the lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of ultra-hydrophobicity as exhibited by the leaves of Lotus flower. Our unique Nano-Bionic technology is an interdisciplinary combination of nano and biological technologies.

    Nano means extremely small, comprised of the smallest particles. The protective nanolayer is only 4-6 μ which is a millionth of a millimeter and much thinner than human hair.

    Bionic means natural process, water pearls and rolls off on lotus leaf, therefore removes any dirt and dust particles. This is also called self-cleaning technology in the industry.

    Color N Drive Nano bionic ceramic coating creates a water and dirt repellent durable Nano protective layer on your car surface.
    Now let’s have a look at the very simple and user friendly application steps for your first experience with Color N Drive ceramic coating kit. First of all you can be sure that there is no experience required to use our ceramic kit. You can safely use it at your convenience.

    Color N Drive Nano-Bionic ceramic coating is do it yourself, easy application product, Use it sparingly. 50 ml bottle is enough to do 2 sedan cars with 2 coats.
    Multiple coats are not necessary.

    Ensure that your finish is completely clean and free from any type of contamination that could prevent a good band to the painted surface.
    If you decide to not to paste polishing, then simply wash off the car.
    Unless you paste polish your car, we do not recommend claying the surface. You can scratch the surface regardless of what clay that you use.
    Open the bottle. Shake it well to improve emulsification prior to the application.
    CND Nano-Bionic 9H Gloss ceramic coating is recognized as the leading ceramic paint protection system offering great durability and protection from the environment.

    9H Hardness
    Hardness scale is used in coating industry to determine paint hardness, H is capacity of a coated surface to resist scratching, what is important is the balance between hardness and flexibility.

    3D Deep Gloss
    Condensed Nano-Bionic particles with superior crosslinking abilities provide tough 3D structure high gloss flexible coating.

    Hydrophobic & Antifouling
    Our new generation nanabionic ceramic technology mimics nature’s Lotus effect, the lotus effect refers to self-cleaning properties that are a result of ultrahydrophobicity as exhibited by the leaves of lotus flower.

    These materials describe, materials of which a single unit is sized 1 and 1000 nanometers.

    Anti UV
    Prevents paint from fading and oxidation.

    Anti-Acid Rain
    Durable protection against acid rain.

    Dust blows off dirt washes off easily.

    Repels dust from the paint work.

    Prevents water spots

    Application Steps
    Color N Drive Nano-Bionic ceramic KIT is custom formulated (DIY) do it yourself unique product to obtain a clean and shiny car protection without any professional support. Product application is so easy for personal use on your car.
    Now you are ready 2 apply Ceramic Coating. You don’t have to paste polish the car first, we recommend it in order to remove any scratches or any other imperfections that could block true color from shining through.
    Kit Items
    50 ml Nano-Bionic ceramic coating
    150 ml pretreatment
    2x coated sponges
    1x spreading microfiber
    1x polishing microfiber

    420.00 SAR