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Most swirls are added during the washing process so it is very important to have a high quality washing tool.
Generic mitts and sponges are often not soft and plush enough to safely clean your entire vehicle.
They lack the paint safe fibers and pockets of space that ensure you don’t grind in contaminants while washing.
The extremely soft collection of natural paint safe fibers makes this a premium wash mitt for top quality detailing work.
Equally important is that contaminates in the mitt are easily released when you put the mitt in your rinsing bucket.
Releasing contaminates is critical, so they do not remain on the surface while you continue to wash.
This product is made from natural materials, which means there are varying levels of durability compared to synthetic mitts.
However the ultra plush natural fibers in the Sheepskin Wash Mitt give you peace of mind knowing you are using a paint safe mitt.
They are both from the same quality materials , this one doesn’t have a specific slot for your thumb
Use one today and you will be impressed with the outstanding results!

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