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3M™ Windo-Weld™ Super Fast Urethane, 08609, black, 10.5 fl oz cartridge, 12/Case

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medium viscosity single component moisture curing urethane adhesive.

Bonds replacement auto glass to car bodies. Thick bondline may allow some non-structural body panel applications.

3M™ Professional Caulking Gun – PN08993, 3M™ Threaded Cartridge Nozzle – PN08187

Strong-gripping power offers a permanent bond

Packaging designed to work with either manual or powered caulking guns

One part moisture curing urethane adhesive that bonds auto replacement glass to car bodies.

Securely Set Windshields in Place

3M™ Windo-Weld™ Super Fast Urethane delivers a secure and permanent attachment of the replacement windshield. We use the word “weld” in the name to symbolize how strong the bond will be. . A popular choice among auto glass installers, 3M™ Windo-Weld™ Super Fast Urethane delivers the reliable performance that meets customer satisfaction. When properly applied, our adhesive prevents annoying leaks where rain and water can seep into the vehicle between the windshield and auto body.

Your Choice: Manual or Power Caulking Guns

Our adhesive may be applied with either a manual or powered caulking gun. 3M offers manual applicator guns with an 18:1 ratio, including the 3M™ Professional Caulking Gun – part number 08993. Electric, battery or air-operated caulking guns may also be used. Adhesive offers a 10 to 20 minute work time.

Other Applications

Besides replacement auto glass installations, this adhesive may also be suitable for some non-structural body panel applications.

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