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  • Virtually clear, high performance urethane film protects painted , gel coated, fibreglass or other automotive surfaces
  • Clearcoat with UV inhibitors maintains clarity and won’t crack with UV or salt spray exposure
  • Proven to meet automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications
  • Excellent performance in high-heat and humid conditions
  • Available in many widths to suit a variety of surface dimensions
  • Seven year warranty*
  • Helps maintain the value of the vehicle
  • Helps boost your trade-in value
  • 3M™ Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film SGH6 is a rugged, clear, 6-mil film (8-mil including adhesive) that protects your vehicle’s surface against stone chips, abrasion, bugs and weathering.

  • Its specially formulated clear coat helps preserve the colour brilliance and design lines of a vehicle’s painted surfaces and offers additional UV protection to vulnurable areas such as front bumpers, hoods, fenders, side mirrors, door handle cavitie, door edges and rocker panels.

  • Proven to meet automotive OEM specifications, this durable film is flexible, conformable, and long-lasting even under harsh conditions.

    Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film is applied to the painted surfaces of your car (hood, fender, bumper, mirrors) to protect them from road debris such as rocks, bugs, salt, etc. Made of a 6 mil (.006”) thick clear urethane plastic, Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film was initially designed to protect helicopter blades from debris during the Vietnam War.

  • Since then, it has been used by various auto manufacturers and NASCAR teams to protect painted surfaces from rock chips.

  • Maintain the appearance of your vehicle and enhance its trade-in value by protecting its paint with Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film and since the film is nearly invisible, it does not alter the vehicle’s appearance.

  • Specifications
    Adhesive Material
    Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
    Adhesive Type
    Backing Material
    Base Film
    Film Coating
    40 Linear Yard
    Length (Metric)
    36.6 m
    Liner Color
    Red Printed
    Restricted Products
    6 Milli-inch (mil)
    Thickness (in)
    0.006 Inch
    Thickness (mm)
    0.15 mm
    Total Film Thickness
    6 Milli-inch (mil)
    7 Years
    24 Inch
    Width (Metric)
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