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A high-density, tear-resistant, clear durable film

Available in 12 ft and 16 ft wide rolls

Use with Masker PN06780 3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting Masker.

Treated to ensure maximum overspray adhesion so flecks don’t contaminate fresh paint

Center printing helps with alignment

Choose from 12 ft / 4m width for cars and 16 ft / 5 m width for wider vehicles

Dispenses vertically or horizontally from 3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting Masker 06780 (sold separately)

Can be converted into shapes and configurations to fit OEM and Tier application needs

Global portfolio, technical expertise help ensure you choose the right solution to meet your goals

3M™ Plastic Sheeting is a high-density, tear-resistant, clear durable film that is treated for excellent paint overspray adhesion. It is a lower cost alternative to our standard 3M™ Overspray Protective Sheeting and Clear Masking Film.

This sheeting clings to vehicles and has center printing to help with alignment. The sheeting is specially treated to ensure paint adhesion of both solvent and waterborne paints. It is easy to handle so one person can cover the vehicle quickly. Sixteen-foot sheets accommodate larger sedans, mini- vans, small pick up trucks, and SUVs. Use with 06780 Masker.

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