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A powerful 1,100 watt motor for better handling and quicker throughput

Lightweight electric polisher with ergonomic handle and grip areas for greater operator comfort and reduced vibration

Progressive start-up for spreading compound

Variable speed for increased control

Ergonomic features such as 3M™ Gripping Material, curved wrist rest, and a recessed lever provide ease of use

Designed to rest on its back to keep the pad contamination free

The new 3M Electric Polisher is engineered to work hand-in-hand with 3M Compounds, pads and accessories – the choice of many professional bodyshops. Ready to use and with an innovative body design that keeps the pad contamination free, this polisher has an impressive power to weight ratio for improved comfort and performance. The powerful 1100 watt motor combined with the progressive start-up feature and ergonomic handle provides greater operator comfort and superb performance. For maximum results, use this tool in combination with the 3M Colour Coded Paint Rectification System – available as a kit on 3M Direct. Please note, the electric polisher does not come with a back-up pad. Back up pads can be purchased on 3M Direct

Combine high performance and durability with the superior polishing and buffing properties of 3M™ Pads and Compounds with 3M™ Electric Polisher. Our polishers come ready to use with an impressive power to weight ratio for improved comfort and performance, and are designed to rest on their back to keep the pad contamination free. They’re a lightweight tool designed for today’s paint finishes. The softgrip areas are optimised for handling and comfort, and our polishers are compatible with all 3M accessories and polishing compounds.

Suggested Applications

Use with 3M accessories and polishing compounds for paint finishes

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