Atlas Distribution Co

Atlas distribution co. is a leading company in the field of distribution across the Gulf Strong aims to achieve its vision and mission in accordance with the system of core values ​​which define its identity as an entity seeks to create an environment of integrated business include the following :
1. moral and social commitment: Respect for the acquisition through our moral and ethical standards imposed on us, including our religion a knife and knew our society.
2. A affiliation Alou E: seeking Straw Lq case of a Strong affiliation to the small community and it Ptkd real value for all partners.
3. A Htravih: Straw keep pace with a vision Htravih A Yeh beginning of market research and passing drivers Ba Wa international exhibitors and ending with the measurement of customer satisfaction.
4. totalitarianism: always seeking Straw Qiq inclusiveness and integration of the company’s sectors of Chtlvh and expand the size and services of Mntegadtha fits all the drivers.
5. the quality of: Straw Baali adhere to standards of quality of the product wa blood, always seeking to maximum limits of development with the quality of control.
6. Cooperation: We are working in the spirit of a shiny and co-operate with transparency and exchange of Arif to achieve a preferred.
7. A creativity and excellence: Straw welcomes any constructive initiatives uncle Iha, employees or partners as a pragmatic application collaboration and integration of workers seemed that adopted by Atlas .

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