Atlas Trading CO.

Atlas Trading is a leading company in the field of distribution. Atlas aims to achieve its vision and mission according to a set of basic values ​​that define its identity as an entity that seeks to create an environment of integrated business and includes the following:

1- Ethical and Social Commitment: Gaining respect through our commitment to moral and ethical standards for what our true religion and the norm of our society impose on us.
2- Belonging and loyalty: Atlas seeks to create a state of belonging to the small Atlas community by offering real value to all partners.
3- Professionalism: Atlas keeps pace with the vision with high professionalism, starting with market research, passing through international exhibitions, and ending with measuring customer satisfaction.
4- Comprehensiveness: Atlas always strives to achieve inclusiveness and integration in the company’s various sectors and to expand the volume of its products and services to suit all markets.
5- Quality: Atlas is committed to the highest standards of product and service quality, always striving for the utmost development.
6- Cooperation: We work in a group spirit, cooperate transparently, and exchange knowledge to achieve the best.
7- Creativity and Uniqueness: Atlas welcomes any constructive initiatives from its clients, employees or partners, as a practical application of the principle of cooperation and business integration adopted by Atlas.